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We have so much to learn from one another. We often look to the big names and the greats to share their knowledge, but we can enrich our lives so much more by having meaningful dialogue with those women already in our lives or within our reach.

A Little Fix is a personal project, and I have no idea where it will go or what it will do. My main objective is to give every one of you access to these mentoring conversations, anywhere, anytime. I am not a journalist, nor am I a host. I am nothing but a conversationalist who is here to learn and absorb the wisdoms and insights of everyone around me.

There are no sponsors or people “suggesting” topics. No one agreed to sit down with me in order to push something they were selling. These women are just like you and me; hard-working women who represent the masses, who have a hunger and desire for relevant content to digest in order to help us achieve our goals and aspirations. They are students, doctors, teachers, executives, and mothers. Their opinions are their own, and they are just that: opinions. We are each entitled to our own, and while yours may be different, I hope you are able to embrace a different perspective, accept that it’s different, and let that allow you to grow.

These women volunteered to sit on that beautiful couch and let me pepper them with questions. Nothing was scripted or forced. Most conversations lasted for about an hour, but because we wanted to create reasonable, watchable web episodes you could devour on a mini lunch break, much of the great content was left out. I encourage you to read each guest’s bio, hunt her down on social media, and follow up with whatever wonderful projects they are working on or reach out and ask them questions. In all, I hope you can find at least one thing to take away from every episode.

Many thanks and much love goes out to the people who helped make this happen: Altamont Productions, who helped take my rookie vision and turn it into exactly what I was hoping for; Jody Rebak and her team at Emery Lifestyle Management for their assistant with everything from set design to wrangling to food fetching to making sure each guest was taken care of; Karen Shoji Makeup for instilling a bit of confidence in some of our camera shy ladies by adding some oomf and pizazz to all of us so we felt camera ready; and to the delights behind Waterfall Creative for their help with the branding and website! I’d be delighted to work with any and all of you all over again. Thank you, thank you, thank you!