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Ana Isabel Aguayo is a Contemporary dancer, dietitian, and a registered massage therapy student. She was the third of four children born in Jalisco, Mexico to Alfred Aguayo and Ana Acosta.

When she was 15 she partook in her first contemporary  dance lesson; she would soon find out that this class would change her life. Not only did she find a way to express her true self, but it also became a fascinating tool for her to explore the human body.  She continued dancing for the next 12 years, performing in multiple locations across Mexico as part of the Ontico Physical Theatre Company.

In 2009, she graduated from the University of Aguascalientes with a Bachelor in Human Nutrition. Shortly after, she worked in the Chemotherapy and Hemodialysis Units at the local hospital. Working intimately with people with severe pain and experiencing her own brother facing a near death heart condition, she was left with a deep impression about life and how to overcome the worst adversities. After two years, she decided to take a break and  moved to the Mayan Riviera to do what she learned from her patients, that is, enjoy life as if every day was the last one!

During this time, she met her future husband, Jesse Regimbal, who soon became an essential part of Ana’s life. A year later they committed to be partners in love for life. Unfortunately, Jesse had to go back to his natal, Canada, for work. Although they were married,  Ana couldn’t join him  due to her nationality. For over ten moths, they stayed separated, battling against the Canadian Immigration Agency, however their love stayed strong and they were finally reunited.

Once in Canada, since her education had not been yet recognized by the Canadian College of Dietitians,  she was not able to practice as dietitian. Soon after, she decided to take a different career path and enrolled at Vancouver Career College where she is currently studying to become a Registered Massage Therapist.

To date, Ana has lived happily, staying optimistic about her future, loyal to her prime interest of wanting to understand the human body more clearly and is trying her best to stay dry in the forever wet Rain-couver.