Corrie Clark has lived in many places in her life and has come full circle doing it. She spent her childhood in Ontario, her growing years in Alberta, her younger artistic years in British Columbia, and is currently enjoying a mid life crisis in Toronto. She has resided in some interesting other places, like New York and Los Angeles. She’s lived in apartments, houses, a small cabin in the woods, a trailer you pull behind a car and a rural farm. Corrie uses this experience and the people that she discovers there to inspire her work almost everyday.

There’s no question she’s talented. At  4, Corrie told her parents she was going to Hollywood to live in a motor home. At 12, she used her babysitting money to go to the Banff World Media Festival. And at 14, she wrote and produced a commercial that aired on television for 2 years. She attended “The Young Canadians” performing arts school on a singing scholarship. Corrie attempted an education at the University of Calgary, but eventually studied Television and Film writing, Producing at the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology. After Studying, Corrie had a very notable career as an actor and has appeared in over 40 productions. Most notably, a lead role in Movie of the week called “the Other Mother” and the Sony/Columbia classic “Little Women” (1994) She has been another actor’s personal assistant, worked at a talent agency, and few behind the scenes positions and can count herself as a success in one of the worlds most illusive careers — The children’s toy commercial hand model.

Corrie has owned and operated her own business while taking a hiatus from film and television. She won an Entrepreneur of the Year award for this business. She volunteers her talents and her time in her community when and where she can.

Much to Corrie’s surprise she is also a commissioned and sold artist. Success has not been without failure and Corrie has had her share of life challenges. She’s had her heart broken, her spirit mellowed and her ego deflated. But Corrie is a woman who perseveres, a champion of dreamers and truly believes in the impossible and making it happen. Corrie has a “while I’m alive, I’ll live” philosophy. Currently, Corrie is single highhandedly raising 3 charming young daughters. She is writing and developing various Film and Television projects. If all this wasn’t enough, she is also a recent student, taking her Graduate degree in writing, producing and managing Children’s Entertainment.