Health and Wellness Coach | Behavioral Change Facilitator | Life Long Learner | Athlete | Speaker | Motivator

Jennifer likes to learn. Whether it’s through reading a book, learning a skill from someone else, or through the inevitable challenges in life…she like to learn. And improve. That’s why she was driven to succeed in a variety of arena’s – not specifically because of what they were, but of the challenge involved.

She competed in a variety of sports, from national team table tennis, club soccer, and international field hockey, to ballet and sailing.  She commercial fished for prawns for 5 seasons, eventually running the boat in her last year. She studied Buddhism at a monastery in Thailand for a month after a year away studying in Australia. She’s been a motivational speaker for youth all over British Columbia teaching them how to set and achieve their goals. She has facilitated corporate team building, and outdoor education for youth and adults. She traveled to over 40 countries, speak 3 languages, and spent 3.5 years working in the Netherlands before returning to her home, Vancouver, BC.

Jennifer recognizes her path seems random and directionless. So what’s the consistent thread through it all?  Learning. Growing. Challenge and experiences. When she was a young kid she read a quote ‘ Make Experiences, not Excuses’.   That reverberates through her mind even to this day.

She is now using her degree in kinesiology and business, as well as her background in competitive sport, personal training and psychology and putting it all to good use as the Training Manager for a product developed by Philips electronics to help people become more active.

Jennifer also does some coaching on the side. You see, health and wellness are her passion! Helping others reach their own personal potential in whichever way she can really feels incredible.

Her happiest moments are often out in nature. Especially being active – whether alone or with others. Her family and friends are incredibly important to her. These days you’ll likely find Jennifer on her bike, hiking in the forest, out with friends, visiting family, or quietly at home snuggled up with yet another book on changing habits, the brain or physical activity.