Sara L. Panton


Medical Student | Global Health Advocate | Founder of Latitude Living

Medical student, global health advocate, adventuress, and entrepreneur. Her recent projects include developing and implementing a brand strategy for an influential e-commerce platform, and founding a lifestyle company dedicated to exploring lifestyle design around the world.

Grounded by a passion for global health promotion, Sara worked for the Nobel Peace Prize nominated charity ‘Free The Children’. During her time abroad she visited their health and alternative income projects throughout Eastern Africa and became fascinated by the self-care practices and daily rituals of individuals around the world.

After reflecting on health promotion in North America, she realized that much of the health promoting content online was actually distracting; and saw that our North American culture had become obsessed with perfecting exercise regimes, diets and life hacking, and that obsession was distracting from the actual purpose of those practices – which is to better ourselves so we can contribute our best self to the world.

Bringing her loves of lifestyle design and travel together she founded her current venture launching in the Spring of 2014. Through the exploration of the daily rituals and habits of real people doing real influential, inspiring, creative, and thought provoking work she has created an equal platform to showcase the efficacy and weight of knowledge and shared practice regardless of the country, culture, or religion is stems from. She believes that by creating tangible teachings through the authentic sharing of our days we can share practices to help us contribute our best selves, and best work to the world.

Sara studied Neuropsychology and holds a BA in Global Health Sciences & Health Promotion from Simon Fraser University. She has been published on;,, and has done consulting with companies and organizations including; The Stephen Lewis Foundation, Free The Children, and